League City Uncorked will display exceptional artists and fine craftmakers in the festival. Attendees will find hundreds of handcrafted items by the best painters and handcraftsmen while wandering two market areas. Strolling artists will make this event interactive to festival goers.

Laura López Cano

Laura Lopez Cano

Laura López Cano paints memorable images that disclose the tender yet powerful feeling of womanhood, portraying glimpses of private moments and sentimental encounters, and dripping with female experiences as interpretations of culture and tradition. Her truly unique style blends acrylics with oils on large canvases capturing the beauty, strength, elegance and pride of Latinas and all women of color.

Kevin Thomas

Laura Lopez Cano

Art is everywhere; whether its food, its music, or dancing; it’s all art to me. I see life as a big canvas and I strive to create something beautiful out of it each day. I enjoy painting, so I can’t imagine this ever feeling like work.

I consider my style as, “KT Funky,” meaning, “Bold with a unique perspective.” I like to leave my viewer curious. I want my work to cause you to stare and look closer. I have one simple rule, and that is; I have to LOVE it in order to paint it. Most of my work comes from personal photos I have taken. Each painting is special and creates a whole new experience of joy. I believe painting is good for the “Mind Body and Soul,” which is the name of one of my favorite pieces. I love to explore my creative ambitions and unwind through my paint brush, some good music, and of course some good food helps to keep it all flowing.

I pray that God continues to bless my creative ability and guides me in producing beautiful work for the entire world to enjoy. Thanks for hanging out and I hope to be “Hanging Up” in your home, gallery or business soon. I appreciate your visit.

More Featured Artists Coming Soon


Dynamic musical talents will play a wide-ranging musical mix on two stages during the weekend. Mambo Jazz Kings has been secured for the event and other such acts are being sought to add an international flair. Five artists will perform on the primary stage, with lighting and sound; three acts are set to perform on Saturday with the remaining two taking the stage on Sunday. Original, acoustic artists will take the stage between featured artists showcasing their individualistic talents.

Music Line-Up

Saturday – 3/23/13

1:20pm – Grifters & Shills
2:00pm – Tony Henry
3:10pm – LGM
3:45pm – Collette Bruhn
4:20pm – Australian Band
6:00pm – Arabella Jones
7:10pm – In Altum
8:30pm – Mambo Jazz Kings

Sunday – 3/24/13

1:30pm – Grifters & Shills
2:00pm – Andrew Bateman
3:00pm – D.R.U.M.
5:30pm – Mango Punch!

The Mambo Jazz Kings

mambo jazz-870x605

The Mambo Jazz Kings have been playing music for a remarkable 25 years. They are a high energy dance band that can lay down every funky beat from Earth Wind and Fire to Beyonce. The band’s resume of music also includes the big band sounds of Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, and Glen Miller.

The Mambo Jazz Kings, have been entertaining audiences both young and old from stages of concerts, festivals, and night clubs. Nine fantastic guys and one exciting lady take the stage every night. The band has an outstanding rhythm section, a powerful

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horn ensemble, and three vocalists that will keep you moving until the very end!

When you book the Mambo Jazz Kings, you truly get a full entertainment package! The band’s sound technician is also an accomplished DJ that keeps the beat moving during intermissions.

The name, Mambo Jazz Kings, makes you wonder what to expect, but the performance leaves no doubt! “Have Soul Will Travel” is our motto. The founder and leader of this entertainment package is Art Lopez. He has put together a great group of musicians, each having their own style and appeal. When these individuals take the stage together though, the chemistry is magic and you can be assured it will be hard to keep your seat.

Mango Punch

Five-time winner of Best Latin Pop Band in the Houston Press Music Awards (the last four years in a row: 2005, 2006, 2007 and now 2008), Mango Punch! lives up to that distinction. The band was formed by Walter Suhr, an award-winning songwriter, with the purpose of integrating diverse cultures and age-groups through music.

D.R.U.M. (Divine Rhythm United Motion)

World Rhythm, African Rhythm and Reggae band, based in Houston, Texas. Perenial winners of Houston Press Music Award for Best World Music,Best Ethnic/Traditional, Best Reggae a total of 14 times! The band has headlined festivals nation wide and has been on the Bob Marley Festival National tour since 1994. D.R.U.M.has toured Asia,Europe and Central America. D.R.U.M. had its roots as an African Percussion Ensemble, founded in 1988 by member Alaafia Ifalade (nee Gaidi) In 1990, the group expanded to include Electric Bass, Guitar, Trap Drums, and Keyboards,defining it in its present configuration/incarnation.

Baba Ifalade (Alafia)-Vocals, Sax, Percussion, Osakwe Rikondja- Bass,Vocals, Percussion, Nathan Faulk-drums, vocals,percussion, Anura Neysadurai-Keyboards, percussion, Frank Zweback-guitar, percussion, , Bigga Staar-vocals, Robert Smalls-percussion